May 6, 2006

perfect day to stay put

Well last week I posted about being up in San Francisco and that I was going to be up there for most of May. I said that I'd post again with details right before I left to go up there. Well, change o' plans.

Basically, here's what happened. A design company here in LA hired me to go work for a client of theirs to fill in for one of their Senior Art Directors who is on vacation. I won't mention names of either company because I don't want this to sound like I'm criticizing either of them. Last week I went up and met with the people I'd be working with. Its a web division of a large corporation in all the typical big corporate bad ways. Since I don't do web stuff, it was gonna be an interesting ride! But - as things often go with large corporations, legal paperwork got stalled and as of Thursday, they still hadn't signed anything. I was supposed to be there on Friday morning. So - the project had to be scrapped.

While it would been fun to be up in SF for a few weeks (even if I was going to be stuck out by the airport and not in the city); waking up to a day like this today made me glad to get to be home for a few weeks.

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