May 27, 2006

night at the ballpark

When I got into Dallas on Thursday evening, Myron and I went straight to the Ballpark in Arlington. You gotta love a friend who'll do that. Oops - I mean Ameriquest Field. Damn these stadiums and their naming rights.

I was surprised to find how dated the signage looked. Very much that 90's vogue of looking traditional baseball era, but actually now just looking very 90's. Still, it is a nice park to see a game in, just one that, as I wrote before, doesn't make much sense except to view it as another theme attraction (It is next to Six Flags). Notice that in center field they built an office building instead of leaving a whole with a view like most ballparks. The architects said that this is because in Arlington Texas, the only view would be of suburban office/industrial park. But - the thing I love most about this park still remains: that warm Texas breeze that is comfortable in shorts and a tshirt even at 9pm at night.

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