May 16, 2006


I ran across a few interesting details of a building downtown the other day. This is on a part of the Met lofts now under construction near the Staples Center.

By the way, I wrote a few weeks ago about how every year we seem to hear about a new plan to make a 'Time Square' like district downtown. I wrote that maybe its a good thing those plans never seem to realize, because it could be just another instance of LA trying to copy New York instead of doing something more indigenous to LA. Well, next to Staples Center was a big pit with signs for a Cinema Complex, ESPNZone, etc "opening 2007". Oops. Though actually, that sounds more like Universal Citywalk or Downtown Disney than Times Square to me, which at least is more of a natively California concept. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

On the upside, it is nice to see some of the loft complexes downtown spending the extra time on nice details like these.

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rusty said...

nice shots....hey, whenever your in the area give a lunch, take or hike go take some pics somewhere....