May 6, 2006

cultural experience

So last night my friend Pat asks me to meet him out for a beer. I had just gotten all comfortable on the couch and at the point of deciding it was gonna be a night in. But I'm always whining about not having buds nearby to grab a beer or a meal with, so I felt like I should go. So I did.

We met up at a local bar down by him called 'the Pitcher House'. It's one of those places that's been there forever, and covered with some pretty interesting things all over the walls (or as Pat said, 'not somewhere you'd want to be in an earthquake'). He just suggested the place because it was a laid back place to hang out. Little did he know the night was to feature a Van Halen tribute band. Yup, you read right. Its hard to know what to think when in the middle of that. There's just something about a group of guys older than me in wigs and tights playing their - uh - interesting renditions of Van Halen. They even had groupies. We only lasted a couple beers, but it was definitely a new experience. And how can that ever be a bad thing?

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