May 11, 2006


Okay, I feel like I should clarify my post from Monday about the party on Saturday, since not everyone who reads this knows me so well, and I also don't want to set a bad example for others.

The tone of that post was meant to be tongue in cheek. Over the course of the night, I had 2 beers and 2 vodka drinks - and a shot. My friend Casey lives near me and we rode up together. It was early in the night that Casey volunteered to drive home, so I knew before those drinks that I would not be driving. I did remember leaving my clothes in the bathroom after I got home, because the vodka hit me hard enough that I got sick. fun. I was just amused that I chose to leave em there. I do remember taking the pictures throughout the night. I didn't realize that I had a bunch of pictures of a similar expression by different people throughout the night - that was pure coincidence. I still think that's amusing. Charlie isn't really evil. Well, maybe.

I did have too much to drink, but arrangements had been made for a fun night that was also responsible. There was no blacking out and no portion of the night that I do not remember. I did not mean to give the impression that that was the case, I was trying to write an amusing tale of surprise at how hard the alcohol on top of beer hit me - which it did.

And Dex didn't really talk to me. But I still maintain that dogs never lie.

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