May 8, 2006

cinco de blehhh

Saturday Night I went to my friend Stuart's for a "Seis de Mayo" party. Now, any of you who know me or even read this regularly know that I like a beer or two every now and then. I don't drink at home alone or anything, but its not like I rarely drink so my body doesn't know how to handle alcohol.

Well Sunday morning, you coulda fooled me. I made two big mistakes that night. One, the beer ran out not long after I got there, so I drank liquor after drinking beer. Now I thought that was the right way to do it, but maybe I got that "beer on liquor, never sicker" line backwards? And two, I drank the shots Stuart's friend Charlie gave me. Charlie is evil.

Thank God my friend Casey lives nearby and volunteered to drive home. I woke up Sunday with all my clothes left in the bathroom. I have no idea why. I spent most of Sunday on the couch. And when I checked my camera, I discovered that I apparently took a lot of pictures at the party. For some reason, I seem to have a lot of people sticking their tongues out. I have no idea why. Maybe everyone was telling me how I was gonna feel the next day. I should have at least listened to Dex. Dogs never lie.

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