April 4, 2006

xk marks the spot

I've been seeing a lot of the new Jaguar XK commercial lately. And I, for one, can't get enough.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm not a huge fan of the 'prefergorgeous' campaign. I get what they're trying to do and how they're trying to do it (redefine the glamour that used to separate Jaguar from other luxury car brands), but the campaign falls flat to me. I applaud the correct intent and their being willing to turn away from the car and toward the lifestyle in order to image the car, but rather than being aspirational, it comes off as snooty and stuffy.

The new commercial for the launch of the new XK, while still technically part of that campaign, hits the mark. Instead of an overarching announce that reeks of being shallow and snooty, the new spot for the XK is truly a music video, letting the visuals do the talking. Lines like "gorgeous prefers fast" that appear in type now are secondary messages and feel tongue in cheek and approachable. The editing is great, and the typography is truly beautiful. It's hip and smart, and anything but stuffy. This is called knowing your audience. (hear that, Knoxville?) Jaguar's ad agency is Euro RSCG Fuel Worldwide, so I assume they did this ad - I haven't been able to find any more specific design or production credits. If anyone knows them, please let me know so they can get due credit. They earned it with this one.

This is not the version of the spot that I've been seeing, but its pretty similar. I believe this is the :30 UK version - I actually prefer the US version:
  • Jaguar XK UK launch commercial

    Anonymous said...

    Can you tell me what the song is that is used in this commercial?

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Nevermind, i got it!
    Thanks anyways...

    Unknown said...

    No problem, and for the record, the song is "I Turn My Camera On", by Spoon

    Anonymous said...

    fyi, euro/fuel new york did the spot. and yes there are differences between the uk and us versions. glad to hear your preferences. creative/design direction: fuel's alicia johnson and hal wolverton. editor: neil gust, outside editorial, new york. graphics and animations: jaime lamond at outside, and hal wolverton.