April 1, 2006


Today has been a blur... It's much tougher writing a daily post when you aren't traveling every day! I was going to write about the new Jaguar XK campaign, but I couldn't find examples to post. I only like the whole 'prefergorgeous' campaign (to me, they feel like they're only 75percent there), but I love the new XK ads and think they are genius (they finally made it to 100percent)... but I'll have to write about that when I can post examples... My friend Tim is visiting, we went to Katsu! woohoo...from talking to Tim and to my friend Dave about my trip, I realize my posts don't actually make clear: the best part of my trip and highest recommendation? Paris. far and away. Surprised? So was I. I guess that deserves a post too...later... Some of you know that I am also a police officer in my spare time. If you travel out of the country and put extra locks on your gun, remember where you put the key... Most of my day was spent in panic about that. That's one I probably won't say more about later. It's late. I need to sleep. Don't forget to turn your clocks back. [oops - my Dad just pointed out that its turn your clocks AHEAD... I never have been good with numbers! I told you the day was a blur!]


langolier said...

Jon!! Jon!! - You've been away too long!!!

It's Spring AHEAD!!


Unknown said...

oops!!! damnit - I never was good with numbers... I better go change that text

No Hassle Loans said...
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