April 14, 2006

rain, man

It was a rainy day at the beach today...kinda figures since I washed the truck yesterday. It's pretty unseasonable to be getting rain this late in the year, but there's something nice about it, especially when its kinda warm out. Later the sun broke through while it was still raining. I remember that when I was a kid my Mother used to tell me that meant that the devil was beating his wife... is that southern thing? Now that I think about it, since when did the devil ever have a wife?!


langolier said...

If you will google 'Devils Wife' you get somewhere between 686,000 and 5,250,000 entries.


langolier said...

Here she is!! Woo! Hoo!


No wonder he's so mean.

dad, again

langolier said...

...or here:


Unknown said...

I guess that answers that! When in doubt, ask Dad!

Tim said...

no...here is the devil AND his wife