April 10, 2006

notable: keep it in the car

I finally made it to the grocery store tonight. I've been putting that trip off since Thursday. I always seem to end up at the grocery store on Monday night, which is when they restock everything. Not a good time for grocery shopping.

I thought I was ending up in the lane with the grumpy cashier - complete with my overflowing basket of groceries as the only other lane open was the express lane - but it turned out not to be the case. When checking out, the register also spits out a bunch of computer generated coupons based on what you purchased. As the strip was printing out, she turned and said "free gallon of milk!" I nodded, thinking to myself 'thats nice - I'll never remember to use that coupon. I never do'. Apparently my reaction wasn't good enough. "FREE GALLON OF MILK!!" she repeated. 'What, are you trying to tell me I get the free milk now?', I wondered. Apparently my expression was better that time as she gathered the long strip of receipt and coupons to hand to me. I mentioned how I always leave those coupons on the kitchen counter and find them two years after they have expired. She laughed and pointed to an envelope in her apron. "Thats why I keep mine here." Hmmm. I don't really ever wear an apron. "You should keep em in an envelope and keep it in your car - then you'll always have em when you come to the store."

Wow. Maybe everyone does that, but I couldn't help but think 'That's genius'. What a great idea. I had to pass it on.

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rusty said...

Naybe you should consider wearing an apron, bet you'd look cute in one.