April 18, 2006

flying friends

more highlights from the Easter Dog Parade on Sunday in Long Beach... The folks from "Disc Dogs in Southern California" showed off their stuff. They started the show with a really well done demonstration on how to teach your dog to catch frisbees - I had never seen it put as simply yet thoroughly before. Hopefully I'm not forgetting any steps:
- master basic obedience - sit, lie, stay, come
- teach him to like the frisbee as a toy, if this doesn't happen, a trick is to use it as a dog dish for a couple weeks
- make all play sessions short, so that he always is left wanting more
- glide the frisbee across the ground upside down - he can easily pick it up that way
- once that's mastered, advance to rolling the frisbee like a wheel - this teaches mouth/eye coordination
- move on to short tosses to his mouth of just a foot or two distance
- then gradually increase the lengths of the throws

But don't take my writing that just from memory as correct. Search the web for more details. Here's a link to Disc Dogs in SoCal as a starting place:
  • Disc Dogs in Southern California
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