April 16, 2006

easter with friends

Today brought one of those perfect California days, which was perfect to go down to Long Beach for brunch and the Easter Dog Parade with friends. Now, the Long Beach Dog Parade is a fraction of the size of the Pooch Parade in Dallas on Easter - one of my all time favorite events anywhere - nonetheless, its still a fun day! Probably a couple hundred dogs fill the park, many of them in costumes ranging from simple to extravagant. The parade itself is on sidewalks, so it never really works, but the gathering in the park before and afterward is great fun. Say what you will about your cat, but I have to believe that only man's best friend would be willing to put up with fun foolishness like this.


tp said...
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tp said...

Love the pics. It was great hanging out with you guys.
See ya again soon. :) t