March 9, 2006

stumbling through german

Last night I wandered into this corner restaurant counter and, though I had no idea what was going on or what I was getting, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Avoiding the things I recognized on the menu (like 'cheeseburger'), I opted for the Turkische Pizza mit Donersomething... What I ended up getting was much like a wrap filled with schwarma-like beef (I think beef?) vegetables and sauce. It was tasty. Everyone there was centered on the soccer game on the television, several old men who seemed to be planted there for a long time, the owner and his helper, and a couple younger guys. Smoke - like everywhere in Europe - was everywhere. Nothing terribly exciting, but a great slice of life I was happy to be in the middle of.

Music here is interesting - 80s pop is very common - mixed in equally with newer stuff at bars. There's something amusing about watching a bunch of skinheads groove to Chaka Kahn's "I Feel for You". I have to confess that I enjoyed it too.

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