March 27, 2006

katsu rocks

Today was my friend Dave's birthday. (Happy Birthday Dave!) We were talking in the evening when he mentioned that his dinner plans with his brother might fall through. I've had a couple birthdays where I didn't have anything to do on the evening of my birthday, and it just plain sucks. What almost makes it worse is that I really could never complain because I had birthday plans with friends on the weekend - but as far as the night of the birthday itself, nothin. I remember one year sayin 'well I'm not just goin home' after a day at work with everyone asking what my plans were that night, so I went to a bar for a beer, looked around at the 3 other people there, and didn't exactly feel so good about being 'out' on my birthday. With that in mind, I was glad to be there for a friend.

Dave is a local buddy who also happens to love sushi, so we went to my favorite local eatery, Katsu! It was good night of stories and sushi and a few large bottles of Orion beer. I'll write another post about Katsu after the next time I go, but if you're in the area check it out - Rosecrans and Highland. And tell Katsu I sent you!

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