March 22, 2006

i want my mtv

I've mentioned it before on here, but I watch a lot of mtv. I guess its my guilty pleasure or vice. Of course, its just research to keep up with trends and a younger audience. Yeah, that's it. Mtv does perplex me in terms of their visual image. Their look seems to be: 'no look - anything goes'. I can only guess that this is intentional, because if anyone knows how to market to an audience, mtv does. Their current Spring Break campaign is the most consistent and universal that I've seen on their air in a long time. But my mtv viewing is also educational. Today on Room Raiders I learned that the rag that a guy keeps in the underwear drawer is a 'spankerchief'. I love it.

I also love the new Burger King commercial that runs all the time. "Big Buckin Chicken" is the latest part of the "Have It Your Way" campaign done by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, a Miami-based ad firm that does great work. CPB did the advertising for the Mini automobile, the Truth anti-smoking campaign, and the new Volkswagen campaign. A Google search yields that this ad is getting a lot of talk, both positive and negative, but either way, it has people talking. That equals successful marketing. Personally, I think its hilarious. What suprises me is that not only is there no mention of the ad on the Burger King website, but that there is no "big buckin chicken" website of its own. CPB is great at non-traditional advertising and savvy to viral and web campaigns as being more important than traditional advertising. (A good example of this - not by CPB - is This led to a lot of web and email chatter for several weeks before the television ads began running, revealing that it was part of the California 'Happy Cows' campaign. Its still a fun website - check it out.) And if satire is a form of flattery, then I guess the folks at CPB can't be too upset about another website that popped up - "like Crispin Porter". Seems CPB isn't loved by everyone.

Oh look, '8th & Ocean' is on...
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