March 14, 2006

cities by night

My friend Rusty asked me earlier on here if I ever went anywhere in the daytime. I do, though my natural tendencies as a night owl do push me toward the evenings. That's also one of the hazards of traveling alone - no one to stand there and say "lets go!" But early on I realized this trip for me was more about experiencing the flavor and feeling of each stop more than seeing the 'sights'. I seem to get more out of time in a local cafe or market than I do at a museum.

I arrived in Venice last night, and at Midnight found myself debating whether to even bother going out. I could tell just from the lack of noise outside that Venice was an early town, and most of it had already closed up. Nonetheless, It was one of only two nights here, so I went to wander. There's something nice about a city at night, you aren't fighting tourists and avoiding hawkers for tours, etc. The latter pictures above are also from my last night in Munich. The snowfall made it particularly charming (and slippery - yes, that's the corner of my famous tumble).

But now, I better go get out before the sun goes down...!

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