March 1, 2006


Yesterday I made my first leg of the Eurail pass... having the "training day" of dealing with trains on the Ivrea trip made it a little easier. As a single adult, you can only buy first class Eurail passes, but I have to admit it was nice to be there. Seats are bigger and cars much less crowded - second class seemed to be packed for some reason. Countryside flew by from mountains to pastures, from sun to snow. After finding my hotel in Paris I stayed indoors too long (though we did have some nice snow) and finally ventured out late, but most places were closed. (Of course I did find one open place for a beer or two. Honest to God, I'm not a lush...) Today has been lazy as well, I'm trying not to make myself feel guilty for wasting the day in the hotel, but at the same time, the rest is REALLY nice after the last month!

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