February 3, 2006

punchin the clock

just a note to address some questions several of you have emailed about...

I can't post any of the work I'm doing yet because the look of the broadcast (the design style and elements etc) is not to be public before the games start airing on the 10th. Once we hit the 10th, I can post things because the look will no longer be a secret. (For those of you not in tv, that's a pretty common practice for design packages).

During the games, I will be working 1am to 1pm Torino time. Right now, I am working 8:30a-8:30p. Tomorrow (Saturday) is the first day that we will have everyone here - which means twice the people the place is set up for. That's gonna be interesting. On Sunday. Those of us on the overnights will work 2pm-2am, then 4pm-4am on Monday, 8pm-8am Wed, etc until both shifts are 1-1 beginning Saturday and stay that way through the 26th.

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Todd said...

wow- thats a crazy schedule. And your expected to be "creative"? Sounds like you've joined the service. ;)