February 25, 2006

ibc-ing you

Since I covered where I "live" while in Torino, I should cover where I spend the other half of my time here! I work at the International Broadcast Center, or IBC. NBC has its huge area here, including the studio and our own free commissary, but other networks from around the world are also here, along with snack bars, post office, etc. This area is apparently normally a convention center. Attached is a mall, hotel, and supermarket. The entire complex is called Lingotto.

Lingotto was the original Fiat factory and is a huge amazing building. The roof still has the test track Fiat used, and the mall includes the circular ramp for vehicles (now a pedestrian part of the mall). Renzo Piano led the redevelopment of the site after the factory closed. It still houses Fiat's headquarters, along with a glass globe conference room and heliport and an art museum in true Renzo style.

I found a site with Piano's descriptions of the project - be sure to check out 'photos' for pics of how Lingotto normally looks:

  • Lingotto Factory conversion photos

  • Renzo Piano conversion project description
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