February 26, 2006

grand finale

One thing I was determined to do here was to make it to the Closing Ceremony. I made one last check with my bosses here before buying a "cheap seat" for $250 yesterday (that's face value), and they started making calls. These just arrived. I'm pretty grateful and excited. I'm leaving the "office" for the last time now for some well earned birra, but it's also the end of my internet access. I will try to book hotels with internet access, so will continue to post as close to daily as possible, depending on access and time... ciao!

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Ken D. said...

Thanks Jon for your posts from Torino. I don't get to the Olympics in Italy all too often (i.e., never), so it was great to experience it through your frequent updates and photos. Also, I really enjoyed all the "behind the scenes" details you shared about your travels to and around Torino, about life in the NBC dorms, about your TV 'bumper' projects, etc. Keep safe and enjoy the remainder of your European tour. You're gonna love Paris -- it's an amazing city.