February 5, 2006

disco italiano

Well, I made it out... After stayin' at work 'til Midnight, I kinda had to force myself, but am glad I did. In my paranoia of not knowing where to get off the trolley (the stops aren't really marked), I got off way too early. So, that ended up making two thirds of the trip downtown on foot. oops. I found my way to a bar I had seen on my tours on Wed and Thurs. Upstairs had a bar area and a cafe area, but most people seemed to be coming up and down the stairs. I made my way downstairs and discovered a basement disco. The mix of people was interesting and even kind of amusing, the music was about ninety percent american pop that even I recognized. It felt like a homemade disco in someone's house, but that was just kind of charming. Just before closing, a girl walked through handing out warm croissants. I don't know if that's tradition here?! I notice the bartenders never ask me what kind of beer I want - maybe I stumble through just asking for "una birra media" so much that they don't bother!

Once closing time came it was time to head home. I hiked down to the street where the trolley line was, and realized pretty soon that the trolley doesn't run all night. Cold, tired, and annoyed at myself, I started walking on back home but kept watching for taxis - I couldn't find an empty one to save my life. Eventually (I'm not sure how), I ran across one stopped on the street who sped me back to home base. By then it was 4am, so I was glad to know I didn't have to get up in the morning since we started at 2pm today (as we slide our shift towards the regular 1am-1pm).

But now I know. Trolley there. Taxi home. And on my travels after the Olympics, look for hotels near to where I'll be going.


Scorzafava said...

i'd expect nothing less of you...

late night adventure
trolley confusion
walking and cursing
walking and cursing
taxi - hallelujah (sp?)

tina and val say hi

Unknown said...

except i turned down the croissant! :)
hi back at ya!