January 30, 2006

mi sono perso

So what have I been up to? Day 2,3,4...its already all becoming a blur. Right now I'm working 8:30a-8:30p roughly, more people get here in a week and at that time we will split into shifts of 1am-1pm or 1pm-1am. That's gonna be interesting. I'm on the overnights so I'll be up the same time as most of you at home...I think. I've designed the print packaging for some Ice Skating dvd's (did I mention that I don't do print?!)... I'm working on some other busywork projects of importing/transferring prebuilt animations from HD tape and converting them in AfterEffects to usable Quicktime files.... And have a couple sponsor bumper things to do next... It's a lot of start-stop as we get equipment working and connected etc. My first day included some power testing gone wrong that caused us to lose a lot of time - but that's what testing is for I guess!

The IBC (International Broadcast Center) is in the old Fiat factory, the rest of the old factory includes a mall, hotel, and offices. Its a pretty cool old building. I heard that it's one of the largest concrete structures in Italy. Getting here and back on the busses is pretty miserable. The snow turned to rain and everything is slush now, which we have to walk through because the busses don't take us too close to our locations. But inside throughout the NBC area they do have tables set up with snacks and coolers of water and soda (free CocaCola Light! woohoo!) Right now the days are all a blur and so long that when I get home I hardly have the energy to do anything (I'm assuming that's part still jetlag?), but the bare room and tv with everything in other languages tends to force you out. (okay, I did watch a lot of MTV Italia the other night) Little by little I'll find my way...


Tim said...

Aaaahh, you're learning European lingo already....no Diet Coke; Coca Cola Lite. Now you'll probably come back all dressed in black as Euro-trash ---- the transformation begins. :-) Is it Mountain Dew Lite also?

Hey, if you find any english language or subtitled European news channels, be interesting to hear world views on US politics. Clean and unfiltered Global Opinion via Jon.

Scorzafava said...

i'm so jealous that you're over there - we at VDG are sending good vibes your way.

post more pics!!! i'm tracking you.