January 8, 2006

dada la la la

so maybe I do watch too much mtv - I'm not proud of it - it's my guilty pleasure. Laguna Beach, Made, The Inferno, I tivo em all... But since they don't play many music videos and I tend to listen to country most of the time, I'm probably not up on videos as much as I should be. I was in a bar in Ft Lauderdale and saw two videos back to back that really intrigued me, so I figure they deserve a couple posts on here, even though the videos may not be very recent.

I've always liked when someone takes design from history and translates it into current motion design. Such is the case in the work of Jonas Odell and Filmtecknarna for Franz Ferdinand's song "Take Me Out." They describe the video as an "extravaganza inspired by Dadaist photocollage and the art of other movements of the same era." I was intrigued by what looked like references to Russian Constructivist El Lissitzky and Dutch designer Piet Zwart who combined Dada with De Stijl (both shown above).

It is kind of amazing that design from 80 years ago can still be fresh and relevant today.

check out the video here:
  • 'Take Me Out' video

  • or here:
  • 'Take Me Out' video

  • Filmtecknarna:
  • Filmtecknarna
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