January 24, 2006

crapo santo!!

My friend Bill Dawson suggested I post about my preparations to leave for Italy...I'm leaving Thursday for Torino to work on the Olympics, then taking a couple weeks afterward to travel around Europe. My thoughts at the moment? crapo santo! (that's the best Italian translation I could get from my Mac translation widget!)

The getting there part is fine...NBC has covered everything pretty clearly about where to go, etc. I've gone out and gotten my electricity converters and travel clocks. I've stopped my mail. I've alerted my credit cards. But holy crap, I feel like I have so much to do and am a little overwhelmed by it all... laundry, police stuff, packages, doctor, haircut, insurance, documents, ugh. Then there are the pages of security tips that my friend who works for a intelligence/defense contractor gave me. eek! And have I mentioned that I haven't finished my reel? Which means my website still isn't ready because its waiting on my reel... Does that mean a March launch? I guess its looking that way... ack! ...See, I'm a little scattered!

As for the two weeks after the Olympics, I've read and been told that its best to have that all booked from the US - but I don't think that's gonna happen. I don't even know where I'm goin' yet. My guess is a plan that two Swiss guys in my guest house at Key West suggested: Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Florence, and Rome. I have to figure out if that's packing too much in. I hear EasyJet is cheaper than a RailPass - but then do I miss out on the countryside?

So...any tips? Advice? I've got one day left - bring it on! I know it'll all be fine...but its gonna be an adventure!

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